URCE is a Malaysian-owned company that is established in 2017 with a mission in mind: to help local businesses grow and expand globally through the e-commerce trade. URCE believes that the potential of the e-commerce trade in Malaysia remains largely untapped.

With this, URCE hopes to empower SMEs to bring their business into the digital sphere and create an even more robust digital economy in Malaysia. The team behind URCE has a combined experience of over 16 years in the global e-commerce trading platform and has generated millions of dollars in revenue. On the Alibaba platform alone, they are the Top 10% performing gold member supplier out of 3 million members.

With the establishment of URCE, the team combined their expertise to create and offer an avenue for SMEs to jump on the bandwagon of e-commerce and start growing their business on a global scale.

URCE is committed to ensuring that SMEs who signed up to be in the e-commerce trade will never be left behind within its community. The company offers unparalleled service to each of its members for them to utilize the e-commerce platform to its fullest potential.

URCE also firmly believes that education is key to a successful business and therefore create leaning opportunities on a periodic basis to those who want to grow their business quickly and efficiently. Members will be educated on fail-proof strategies, techniques for improving sales conversion rates to running an e-commerce company that works.